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We excel in providing medium to large bags of ready-made bags. MOQ: Generally 20000 bags. Large bags in size may have a minimum order quantity.

We do not supply storage bags at this time.
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Flexible Packaging Manufacturers

BYS, flexible packaging bags manufacturer,

Provides a full range of flexible packaging solutions according to the product of customer or the design of customer,

Suitable for a variety of solid, liquid and other food or non-food items.

the bags types, sizes, shapes, colors, and suitable materials(like paper, plastic, or foil & foil inline) for different customer.  Printing design assistant.
We are able to organize large or small, customized production runs based on customer needs at a very competitive price

You can check our factory facility for more understanding and it helps every customer to make the final decison.

Common Styles To Choose

  • Stand-up Pouches

    Stand up bag

  • Zipper bag

    Zipper bag

  • K-Seal stand up bag

    K-Seal stand up bag

  • Quad seal bag

    Quad seal bag

  • Shaped bag

    Shaped bag

  • Slider zipper

    Slider zipper

  • 3 sldes sealed bag

    3 sldes sealed bag

  • R-bag


  • Shrink sleeve / label

    Shrink sleeve / label

  • Lap seal bag  with valve bag

    Lap seal bag with valve bag

  • Fin/lap seal with side gusseted pouch

    Fin / lap seal / lidding

  • Lidding film

    Lidding film

  • Flat bottom bag

    Flat bottom bag

  • 4 sides sealed bag

    4 sides sealed bag

  • Valve bag

    Valve bag

  • Roil film

    Roll film

  • Fin/lap seal pouch

    Fin/lap seal pouch

  • spouted pouch

    spouted pouch

Details Of The Bag
spouted pouch
Customize your sample printing of roll film or packaging bag exclusively
Up to 12 colors printing, less cost, better printing
Biodegradable/Compostable Packaging Bag

Our biodegradable packaging bags It is made of PBAT, a biodegradable material and PLA modified with plant starch(such as corn, sugar cane, cassava, etc.). It is non-toxic and has no odor.It is harmless to the human body and safer to use.

a biodegradable material and PLA modified with plant starch
Bottom Gusset Choose
Printing Art
Four commonly used printing processes. You can contact us for other printing effects.

If you can not find pouch packaging you wanted from here,

Don’t worry

Just leave the message for us that your packaging requires.

Free samples available! For quality test!