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We excel in providing medium to large bags of ready-made bags. MOQ: Generally 20000 bags. Large bags in size may have a minimum order quantity.

We do not supply storage bags at this time.
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Cold seal Plastic film rollCold seal Plastic film rollCold seal Plastic film rollCold seal Plastic film rollCold seal Plastic film roll

Cold seal Plastic film roll

  • Up to 10 color printing
  • Maximum Width: 63"
  • Maximum gauge 12 mil
  • Variety of film structures
  • In-line Lamination
  • Custom features available upon request

Cold seal Plastic film roll

BSY Packaging produces cold seal rolls are the perfect packaging option for heat sensitive products. Cold seal packaging can be used in place of heat-sealing in order that product don’t lose kind and form once they need been sealed. we offer inventive and distinctive styles for our cold seal rolls that make sure that the product look appealing and interesting to shoppers. 

Cold seal packaging is employed for varied product like: 

Chocolate bars
Ice cream
Cereal bars, among others. 

BSY Packaging manufactures the newest rotogravure printing technique that permits us to print our rolls of cold protection, consumption to nine completely different colours. By selecting our custom written cold seal rolls, you’re ready to distinguish the standard of your product from the remainder of your competitors. it’s a good selling tool that helps to form your product and complete well-liked round the globe. 

We also produce by use of assorted plastic films like: 


These materials heighten the extent of sturdiness and suppleness of our cold seal rolls. we also provide color and graphical pictures of cold seal rolls guaranteeing the complete recognition and remembrance. We also offer metalized and foil lamination for a lot of sturdiness and elongates the period of the product. Our top quality cold seal rolls aren’t solely used for effective promotional packaging, however we offer protection against atomic number 8 and wet. 

We turn out leakage-proof cold seal rolls for guaranteeing convenient storage and distribution method. Our rolls of cold protection are produced with high levels of gloss and shine attributes that makes them a lot of acknowledgeable amongst the shoppers. we offer cold seal paper rolls that reclaimable and an eco friendly packaging answer. Our rolls of cold protection offer your company competitive advantages. shoppers are drawn to the packaging of rolls of cold seal due to its engaging look and that they are tempted to shop for the product. thus within the finish it’s useful to extend sales. Our cold seal rolls are longer economical and value effective packaging answer for your product.

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