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We excel in providing medium to large bags of ready-made bags. MOQ: Generally 20000 bags. Large bags in size may have a minimum order quantity.

We do not supply storage bags at this time.
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Standing up candy packaging bagStanding up candy packaging bagStanding up candy packaging bag

Standing up candy packaging bag

  • Up to 10 color printing
  • Maximum Width: 63"
  • Maximum gauge 12 mil
  • Variety of film structures
  • In-line Lamination
  • Custom features available upon request

Stand up bagsfor candy and chocolate

cold seald stand up bag is perfect for packaging all kinds of snacks,such as confectionary, cookies and so on! The resealable plastic bags are very friendly for everyone since there is a zipper to re-lock the pouch.BSY pouch packaging manufacturer provides a variety of plastic zip-lock bags with custom printing.

Packaging Formats

If you want to know more bag types or request samples, please contact us.

Available Features

  • U type easy to tear

  • Thickened bottom

  • Hang Hole

Choose the best materials for your packaging

Chocolate and stick candy is extremely vulnerable to sunlight and also needs protection against oxygen, especially if there are nuts inside, so the composite materials should preserve the initial gas composition and light level in the packaging.

SCHEME 1 : The optimal for group chocolate sweets packaging. It is a three-layer laminate that will protect the product from sunlight and oxygen.

  • transparent or matte PET/BOPP (good barrier properties against water condensate, high transparency)
  • metalized PP (good barrier against water condensate and sunlight)
  • transparent PE (sealing and structural layer, good barrier against water vapours)
cold seal packing material

SCHEME 2 : is a two-layer laminate. The choice between transparent or non-transparent composite depends on whether the customer wants a look-through part for product display.

  • transparent or matte PET/BOPP (good barrier properties against water condensate, high transparency)
  • transparent or white PE (sealing and structural layer, good barrier against water vapours, high transparency)
cold seal packing material
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