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We excel in providing medium to large bags of ready-made bags. MOQ: Generally 20000 bags. Large bags in size may have a minimum order quantity.

We do not supply storage bags at this time.
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Pouches Functional Enhancements

The following are all types of bags can be added to the accessories, each part has its special purpose, you can add your bags according to the needs of the product. There is no additional cost for the addition of some accessories, of course, there are some just need to add a small part of the cost.

Reclosable Zipper

There are many different types of sealed zipper bags, according to the characteristics of the product to choose different zipper. These zippers can be used for food storage and packaging, for a long time storage, can be used to install coffee, nuts and other products. Can be a long time to preserve nutrition, taste and fragrance, zipper helps to prevent the spread of food odor.



Degassing Valve

All bags can be added to the exhaust degassing valve, he can avoid the outside air to enter, and the bags in the air in a timely manner to avoid moisture and deterioration products. In particular, some dry powder products are very suitable for. Helps keep the freshness of the product and keep it dry for a long time. In the sales process can also smell the smell of the product through the valve. Degassing valve holes can be customized according to customer demand.




Pouches Window

Most of the bag type can provide a transparent window. The shapes and sizes of these clear windows can be customized. There are different types of windows, such as oval, square, square and so on. This window can help consumers to display the content of the product, enhance their confidence in the purchase of products.



Tear Notches

All styles of bags can be added easily tear notches accessories, will make it easy for customers to open the bag.
After heat sealing, the bag can increase the safety and sealing of the product, to avoid being opened in the sales process, to maintain the freshness of the product, and the use of this accessories will not increase any cost.




Packaging Pouch Handle

According to the characteristics of your products, you can consider using the packaging pouch handle design, this design is convenient for consumers to better carry and handle the products, enhancing the value of the product. We can customize according to your size and shape to enhance your brand value.



Hang Holes

Most of our bag types can be based on the customer’s needs to do the suspension of euro or round hang holes, especially for European customers or the United States and South America, the design of the euro hang hole is more suitable for market demand.
The design of these holes is easy to show your products, thus bring more flexibility, convenient for consumers to view the product, improve customer awareness, so as to achieve brand promotion.



Pouch Rounded Corner

The rounded design can be used to make the original sharp corners become rounded, can let your bags have a complete professional appearance, and avoid the damage in the process of using the customer pointed bag, greatly improve the safety performance of the product.
The design of the round corner to a certain extent reflects the brand value, improve customer awareness, the size of the fillet can also be customized according to your needs.




Pouches Spout

The pouches spout, including Tamper-Evident, Flip-Top, Screw Cap Spout and Butterfly Spout Tap, collocation and different types of bags.
The storage space is small, light weight, beautiful appearance and other advantages gradually replaced the traditional way of packaging.
More suitable for sauce, oil, juice, shampoo, milk and other similar products.



Glossy or Matte Finishes for Pouch

Glossy, as a bright color, can be more gorgeous display product brand culture, very suitable for the design of a full sense of the product.
Matte ,as a popular treatment method, can make your products stand out.
In this era, which has became the norm, using matte finish, you will not get the same result.