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We excel in providing medium to large bags of ready-made bags. MOQ: Generally 20000 bags. Large bags in size may have a minimum order quantity.

We do not supply storage bags at this time.
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Why Choose Us as Packaging Bag Suppliers

7 stages to ensure the quality of the product is excellent – best service, 

so that you and our cooperation easier.


Supply system

All raw materials are in line with the food grade standards, in the procurement process, conduct a number of indicators to ensure the high-quality. followed by our factory laboratory arrange inspection and confirmation of the indicators containing materials to meet safety standards.

Our purchasing manager with more than ten years experience in the production and procurement of raw materials.


Production management system

Staff: the staff uniform uniform, clean hands, wear special sanitary hat, gloves, foot cover, and in turn by static electricity into the production workshop. Production control in the production of different to all employees, team management, supervision system, to ensure that every aspect of production production in accordance with customer requirements, and every link in the production process of sampling. Strictly control the cutting process, to ensure that all material leveling. In the bag making process, one to one cooperation, mutual supervision, the detection of each finished bag, to ensure the quality of bags. After the completion of the bag, from the bulk of the goods in the bag to take the test, to ensure that the indicators.


Quality control system

All employees in the QC department are professionally trained, and the QC manager has decades of experience in the printing and packaging industry. We use sampling to detect raw materials in the production, after the completion of the test report will be issued to the procurement, procurement arrangements for the purchase of raw materials. In the process of printing and bag making, once the bad product is found, the QC manager will arrange the production stoppage and check the production after all production. Random sampling in production to ensure consistent product quality. After the production is completed, follow up the customer packaging requirements strictly, ensure the packaging according to customer requirements.


Packaging system

Packing: packed in strict accordance with the needs of customers, in the formal packaging before the business will provide the correct packaging samples to packaging production workshop, with cooperation between QC and packaging workshop, to ensure correct packing.

In the packaging process, take the salesman, QC, packaging leader three party presence supervision, random sampling. The part of the shipping mark shall be ordered by the business and the purchase order, and then the business will be demonstrated on the packing site. After that, the packing team leader will arrange the packing of the workers to ensure that the marks are posted correctly.           


Factory inspection system

All of our products will be strictly tested before leaving the factory, as follows:           

1, the number of products           

2, the use of professional inspection machine to extract a large number of goods shipped 30% of the inspection, once found defective products, the whole lot of goods seized.           

3, we will extract a large number of samples from the bulk of the samples sent to the laboratory for the detection of harmful chemicals, once found to exceed the standard, the whole lot of goods returned to the production department, In addition to re order the new raw materials, re production, to ensure that the customer delivery.


After-sales service system

We will be in accordance with the professional QC inspection inspection. Customers receive the product, the process is found in the product damage, printing is not clear, there are ink and other issues. The business commissioner informs the production department for the first time to find the problem, and return customers in 1-2 business days. And then in accordance with the requirements of customers rework or re-production for customers free of charge.