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We excel in providing medium to large bags of ready-made bags. MOQ: Generally 20000 bags. Large bags in size may have a minimum order quantity.

We do not supply storage bags at this time.
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Cat food packaging bagCat food packaging bagCat food packaging bagCat food packaging bagCat food packaging bag

Cat food packaging bag

  • Size&Thickness: Standard or customized
  • Dimension: 250g~2kg, etc.Or according to your request.
  • Material: BOPA/LDPE, BOPP/VMBOPET/LDPE, Aluminum Foil/PET/PE, PET/AI/BOPA/CPP, etc. Or as your requirement.
  • Printing colors: Up to 10 colors.
  • Logo: Printed according to client's design.
  • Handle: side handle or as your requirement.
  • Closure: Zip lock, as your requirement.
  • Lamination/surface finishing: Glossy Lamination/Matt Lamination/Laser Film Lamination/No Lamination, etc.

Packaging for Pet Food

BSY understands the needs of packaging pet food and treats. We offer stock and custom printed laminated packaging for dry pet food, nutritional supplements and pet treats.

Packaging Formats

If you want to know more bag types or request samples, please contact us.

Palletizat ion with Anti-Skid & Air Release Systems

Anti-Skid: Large laminate pet food bags can be difficult to palletize.  We offer multiple grades of Anti-Skid (Hi-COF) Coatings and Low-Slip Materials that allow large pet food bags to be palletized. 

Air Release Systems:  Trapped air inside a bag can cause a pallet to become unstable after stacking. This can cause the pallet to tip over in transit resulting in lost product and revenue. 

BSY Provides Several Solutions for Air Release Systems:

Micro-Perforations Degassing Valves

A series of tiny holes strategically placed on the bag allows trapped air to escape the bag during the palletization process.

We have several types of valves from Hi-Flow Inner Valves to Outer Label/Wipe-On Valves. we also offers a Two-Way Valve that allows for trapped air to escape the bag but also allows for the air to return the bag. The valve has a filter paper covering the valve to provide protection against dust and infestation.

Available Features

  • Rounded Corners

    A series of tiny holes strategically placed on the bag allows trapped air to escape the bag during the palletization process.

  • Pinch Bottom Fold & Glue

    As most large laminate pet food bags are marked with the bottom of the bag sitting out, this bag has the bottom of the bag folded and glued maximizing the amount of space the consumer sees while bags are sitting on the shelf.

  • Pinch Bottom Bags w/K-Seals and Tack Seals

    These bags are most common in the large laminate pet food bags. The addition of the K-Seal provides additional strength at the bottom of the bag and the Tack Seals provide a nice looking finished product.

  • Press-To-Close Zippers

    Provides for a nice looking finished product and helps the sharp corners of other bags from cutting into adjacent bags.

  • Sliders

    BSY offers two Slider options: exposed and hooded. The exposed Slider is visible to the consumer making it easy to recognize and use. The hooded slider is hidden from plain site and looks like a traditional enclosed press-to-close zipper. The enclosure adds protection against the possibility of the slider being broken or torn off.

  • Side handle

    Easy carry Side Gusset handle to ultimate in carry convenience from pet store to the car. Easy dispense side gusset handle to ease the worry of large pack size for the children or housewife;

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